Emily Tucker graduated from the 3 year BA (ACTING) course at Drama Centre London in 2010. Grammar school educated, she grew up in the leafy town of Tunbridge Wells in South-East England where her passion for acting began when she 15 years old. Starting with roles such as Shakespeare’s Juliet, she then expanded her horizons to film and beyond. With Dutch and Italian parents her penchant for accents and languages has seen her playing characters of varying nationalities, the latest being Polish girl Helya in A Warsaw Melody in which she sang in Polish, and Bulgarian girl Nina in feature film The Seasoning House.



2012 WILLiFEST Spirit Award (Hush)


“Within a classy cast, Emily Tucker as the headstrong Faye glitters with devil-may-care joie de vivre.”

Honour Bayes, Timeout

The star is Emily Tucker. Vigorous and flirty as the heroine Rosalind, she exudes a vivacious energy that suggests we could and should see more of her.

Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard

Emily Tucker is captivatingly vivacious as Helya, with a charming accent, always alert, never still.

The British Theatre Guide

Emily Tucker who plays Polish singer Helya gives us a magnetic performance. Her compelling stage presence coupled with her Polish accent, her singing and her balletic movements ensure that all eyes are on her whenever she is on stage.

The evening is largely carried by Helya, whom Emily Tucker endows with a skittish vivacity and superabundant energy.

Michael Billington, The Guardian

Emily Tucker plays Helya as quintessentially Polish, her accent convincing, her manner a steely, ironically playful coquetry alternating with romanticism…when she does break down in unfeigned love or grief the contrast is shockingly effective. The contrast between Tucker’s artless singing to her lover in the first act and her mannered concert aria in the second breaks you heart.

Libby Purves, The Times